Private Pension Fund NEFTEGARANT

PPF NEFTEGARANT, JSC is a steadily growing private pension fund, into which PPF Soglasie-OPS, JSC and PPF NEFTEGARANT-NPO, JSC were merged.
The Fund enjoys the coverage of the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (“DIA”) and is a member of the self-regulatory organisation Alliance of Pension Funds.
ROSSIUM Concern's stake in the united fund is 57.4%.

  • PPF NEFTEGARANT is a top 10 pension fund in Russia.
  • Assets under management of the united PPF NEFTEGARANT exceed RUB 181 bln, of which RUB 120.4 bln of pension savings and RUB 61.2 bln of pension reserves.
  • It has provided compulsory pension insurance to around 1.6 mln customers.
  • More than 83,000 people receive their non-state pensions from PPF NEFTEGARANT.
  • The Fund carries out more than 340 corporate pension projects of Russian companies forming part of Rosneft Group, providing non-state pension plans to more than 158,000 people.
  • Wide geography of presence: PPF NEFTEGARANT has representative offices in 10 regions of Russia.
  • PPF NEFTEGARANT is rated ААА by the National Rating Agency and ruАА+ by Expert RA.